In a sea of sameness, we are different.

Meet the Crew

We are a diverse team of optimists, strategists and passionate "do-ers". We are retail mavens. The heart and soul of any community is centered around the places where people gather to shop, dine and mingle.

We are natural placemakers transforming and improving our streets, neighborhoods and cities. Our unparalleled experience provides the platform but creativity and vision guide us especially in times of great change and uncertainty. There is no box, just innovation.

The Brokerage Team
Lorraine Adney
Office: 312.698.9854
Pam Mendelsohn
Office: 415.404.6650
Haley Klein
Office: 415.404.7330
Catherine Meunier
Office: 415.462.7679
Matthew C. Sheridan
Partner/Investment Sales
Office: 415.727.1271
Ali McEvoy
Office: 415.404.7343
Santino DeRose
Principal/Managing Broker
Office: 415.404.7337
Sarah Brett-Schwartz
Office: 415.404.6959
Aggie Gettys
Office: 415.404.7406
Krystal Channick
Senior Associate
Office: 415.462.5940
Karen Lim
Senior Associate
Office: 415.319.1323
Joan Ruyle
Senior Associate
Office: 415.404.7313
Dominic Morbidelli
Senior Associate
Office: 415.404.7314
Our Treasured Marketing Team
Zsuzsanna Laszlo
Design Director
Office: 415.226.7781
Jaden Chromy
Marketing Coordinator / Chicago
Office: 312.612.1028
Chelly Guzman
Marketing Coordinator
Office: 415.513.3756
Lorraine Campos
Marketing Coordinator
Office: 415.426.7808
Victoria Conn
Graphic Designer
Office: 415.513.3756
Gloria Nordbakk
Research Analyst/Marketing Coordinator
Office: 415.225.0626
The Property Management/ Business Operations Team
John Dito
Office: 415.362.3456
Jun Ting Wu
Office: 415.226.7781
Lizette Hasbun
Portfolio Manager
Office: 415.362.3456
Melody Esquivel
Commercial Property Manager
Office: 415.408.6158
Jacob Brown
Property Supervisor
Office: 415.259.4659
Betsy Pedroza
Property Manager
Office: 415.362.3456
Eva Lien
Property Administrator
Office: 415.362.3456
Mark Appelbaum
Office: 415.781.7700
Josh Goldstein
Board Member
Office: 415.781.7700
Meet Maven
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About Maven
Maven specializes in commercial real estate leasing and sales in San Francisco, Oakland, the Peninsula, and Chicago. We are a commercial real estate firm bringing buildings and brands to life. We make a difference in our communities applying our vision, values and connections to populate the landscape on behalf of our clients. We implement innovative marketing strategies that are often unexpected, yet effective. Please contact Maven at (415) 781-7700. DRE #01878802
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